Pasta Time with My Dear Friend

This story is an outdated story. I already share it in my FB but i was away for an outstation duty so i did not update it here in my blog. It is okay for me because i blog when i feel free and share my stories.

On the day before i leave for my outstation duty, my friend Amy was asking me if i know how to make pasta? Opss... this is western food and i am a kampong girl, so what do you expect? I will say we have to follow the recipe. Since Amy have recipe book on making pasta, we bought the ingredients following the recipe written in the book. I think all and all she spend about RM40+ buying all the ingredients.

While i only bought orange juice, Pokka brand. I have bad experience when i am buying this drinks at G-Mart Supermarket. The price tag was written RM5.50 and it was next to the Pokka drink. I admit it was my fault that i only read the price no the whole thing written on that tag. That price is actually for Nestle yogurt drinks. There were no price tag for that Pokka which cost me about RM10 per bottle. I get pissed off because the staff is not arranging the right item with the price tag and i get the wrong info. I told one of the staff to keep an eye and arrange their products accordingly with the price tag. As a customer, we have rights to know the exact price before we buy any items.

Pokka Blood Orange
That story ends there. We cook our pasta and enjoying it with this orange juice. Even though i was still upset but since the taste of our pasta is just nice, so we enjoying our pasta moments then. Here is some photos of how the pasta looks like. Not so good but taste just nice. Enjoy!

We did not mixed it together.... mixed it when we want to eat it... okla..

The Bolongnese Pasta....
With Love,
Little Rose


  1. yum..!! hello rose, come visit me, I live in balikpapan indonesia, east coast of east kalimantan.. I'm actually from malang, east java.. I'll cook you east javanese food then.. =D


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