My Journey #2 -- Lundayeh's & Murut's with The Hunting Dogs

When i first came to Sabah, a friend told me a story of how Murut's and Lundayeh's people treasured their hunting dogs more than everything else. These hunting dogs will have the privileged such as riding on motorcycle, on a lorry, and even they will carry the dog in their arms. Once i saw a couple on their way back from the farm and the husband carry the puppy (with some adults hunting dogs) in his arms and let their kids (about 6 or 7 years old) walk by his side. I also saw a guy on his motorcycle and the dog is at his back inside the basket (sikutan la ba itu..).. The scenario is quite interesting to see. This huntings dogs can cost up till RM1000 per one dog. They are expensive hey. If you drive in Murut's or Lundayeh's village be careful okay, don't you ever hit these dogs. If you did, the penalty will cost you up to RM500 per dog. Alright, here is some photos of the doggies from my latest visit to Lundayeh's & Murut's villages at Ulu Padas, Sipitang.  

Riding on a lorry.....
Sleep well because it was raining outside...
Hero of the day!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. ekspidisi apa ni lg cewek? slalu menghilang ko. rindu sama ko ba

  2. Field work aku baru2 ni cewek.. 4 ari ku menghilang... quite an expereinced lah masok kampong org Lundayeh at Long Pasia.... Rindu mesti rindu dgn kengkawan.... :-)


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