Away to Long Mio, Sipitang

I will be away again for three days starting from today until Wednesday. It will be a long journey to Long Mio. It might takes us about 3 hours plus to get there using 4WD on the gravel road. This time we are not staying in the village, we will be staying at the Long Mio Eco-Ethno Agrotourism Resort. Located about 30 minutes drive from the village itself. We are there not for fun, it will be an event organized by us. Yai! I really hope it will be okay throughout the workshop. This is the resource management workshop for the community around that area. We are working together with the related government agencies and NGOs.

Not sure where is this place. Have a look at this maps.

Location of Long Mio in Borneo. Photo credit to Google Maps.

Location of Long Mio in Sipitang District. Photo credit to Google Maps.
Sorry for the low quality of the photos. Anyway, you can search it for yourself at Google Map. But, it will be spell as Long Miau and it is wrong spelling. It is suppose to be Long Mio.

I really hope that we will have a great time and meaningful workshop with the communities. This is the first time we organized such workshop. Wish me luck guys! God bless.

With Love,
Little Rose


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