Futsal Furious - Match 1 & 2

Wah... i did not know that i can play futsal... he he he... I am not that good but i still kick that ball and pass it to my team mate. Even though i can not score any goal yet but at least we win our first match, 1 - 0 but we lose our second match 0 - 1. Tomorrow will be another game and it will be very early in the morning. Now is about 12.54am and i am not sleep yet. I hope i can wake up and still can play tomorrow. But, i don't think i can do so... still feel very tired because about 4.30pm after two matches i went to Beaufort just now....

Our team - Jade - with our team manager, Mr. Nagendra.

In action .. ha ha ha... looks like that i can not get the ball... yai!

Waiting for the ball.... hik hik hik....

Moving around looking for the best spot...
This is my first experienced playing futsal and i am enjoying it. Although it was tiring but i am still not good in kick and passing the ball. Not yet develop any skills... Only 'kampong' skill saja bah... :-)

With Love,
Little Rose


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