My Journey #3 -- The Village View (Long Pasia)

I captured a few photos of Long Pasia while i am walking around the village. This village is a Lundayeh village. Quite a numbers of the villagers married to other ethnics such as Dusun and Penan. From the language (dialect) and conversation with some of them, i get to know there are combinations of Lundayeh from Indonesia and Sarawak in this village. If it is Indonesian, there are from Kayan Mentarang (can not remember the name of the villages).. Meanwhile, if it is from Sarawak, they are from Long Semadoh and other areas in Lawas and Limbang. Quite an interesting communities.

View from the entrance gate of this village.

To reach this village it takes about four hours using 4-wheel drive on a gravel road. There are 10 home stays in this village and cost you about RM35 per night per head. It includes meals. Most of the food are kampong's food especially the veggies.

Far away, you can see the group of buffalo.
The main activities in this village is HUNTING. They also farming (planting paddy and vegetables) and rearing buffalo.
Sub adult of bearded pig kept by one of the villager.
As a results of their excessive hunting activities, i am not sure if the population of bearded pig, deer and muntjac will survive until the next and next generations.

Paddy field and the paddy house.
It was a heavy rain and we spent our time with one of the farmer. See the rain drops? What a day for us after two days at Long Pasia we were moving to the next village, Long Mio. Will share the story next time. I don't have many photos of Long Mio because it was late when we arrive there. Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


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