Food.... What i Love?

Did not blog a lot about food yet because i did not have a good photos to share. If i told you through description only, there will be possibilities you don't know what i am talking about. Why? Because some of us from different part of the world and we have our own food especially TRADITIONAL FOOD.

Recently, we have "makan-makan" in our office and it is "port-luck" style. Everybody brought our own food (i only bring kampong rice with me - still delicious rice ma). All food were SUPERB!!! All are delicious but amongst all of it, this is the four menu that i LOVE the most!!!! ...

1) Ulam-ulaman (Salad)
This is just like salad. Combination of lady finger, cabbage and cucumber (eating raw). Eat those with the shrimp paste (aiyah, how to describe 'sambal udang/ belacan' in English??).. Taste delicious and LOVE IT!

2) Kerabu Campur (Mix)
How to describe this ah? This is my first time eating this. It is combination of bitter gourd, anchovies, chilli, mango (the young one), torch ginger (bunga kantan) and lime juice. Its taste nice with the combination of all tastes and with the aroma from the Torch Ginger flower.

3) Hinava (in Sarawak - Melanau, we call it Umai)
It is a Kadazan-Dusun traditional food. Raw fish just like sushi but a different way to prepare it. A lot of things mixed-up inside this dish. Can't really get all of it. But we have, fish, chilli, onions, bitter vegetable, lime juice and i can't remember what else inside. But if you Google 'Hinava', i think a lot of Sabahan Blogger talk about this because this is one of the best local dish in Sabah. 
4) Ambuyat (in Sarawak - Melanau, we call it Inut)
This is also my ethnic traditional food. We planted sago tree so it is a must we eat sago starch. He he he... We eat this with 'ulam-ulaman' but in Sabah they eat it with other side dish such as chicken curry or fish soup (traditional way of making this soup too, sometimes they put young mango inside it). Ambuyat tasteless that is why we need to eat it with other dish. This makes me MISS HOME... :-(

So, that is all about Food I Like!!
How about you???

With Love,
Little Rose


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