Malaysia Day ~ Is it really have a meaning?

I speak up my own opinion and experieced. Did not mean to condemn our government or any authorities. I think we still have the RIGHTS to voice out (Kebebasan Bersuara?).

My conversation with community elders at one of the village at Beaufort last week quoted here:
Me: Aman, napa kau tidak pasang bendera di depan rumah kau merdeka ini tahun?
(Uncle, why didn't you put up flags for independence day this year?)

KK: Owh... sya belum merdeka lagi ni. Jalan raya belum pun sampai-sampai kampung sya. Kalau kampung sebelah lainlah. Durang pasang bendera di depan rumah, di depan tandas, di reban ayam pun pasang. Bukan apa, pigi kabun getah durang pun jalan durang sudah bertar.
(Owh... i am not yet independence. There is still no proper tar road to my village compared to our neighbour village. They put up flags everywhere, in front of their house, in front of the toilet and even in front of the chicken coop. Even access road to their rubber farm is tar.)

The basic needs such as 2km proper tar road to this village is still not constructed. They are all local people of Sabah, not PTI.

See picture below:

In some parts of Sabah, there are still bamboo buildings for primary school of rural areas. It is good to have a "traditional" classrooms but is it really convenient for the students? 

These two scenarios is what i have seen and i think i learn quite a lessons from the kampong people. So, MALAYSIA DAY? Is there are really equally rights in term of development between Peninsular Malaysia and Bornean Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)?

Why when there is ELECTION, the MPs start to visit rural kampongs and start to do some "development work"? It is really a bad trend in Malaysia. I think there are lots more to say but most of it already written and voice out by others Sabahan and Sarawakian people.

Till then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. There are still school buildings made of bamboo? imagine when it rains and muddy. or when there's a strong wind. kesian betul bah. Betul jugak kata orang tua tu, selagi dia masih ketinggalan dlm pembangunan, selagi itu dia akan rasa tersisih. bah, election sik lamak gik. Happy Malaysia Day Rose!

  2. CG--Yep, this is the primary school that still using the bamboo building as their classrooms. Teachers, have to rent a house from the kampong people but recently, there is a construction of teachers quarters on going now. Anyway, i just share what i see, if i manage to get the story behind it, i will share more about it. But as i said in my FB, i did not mean to do some sort of provocation. PEACE & HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY to you too. :-)


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