The Talent ~ Rachel Crow

Anyone watching The X Factor USA? I started watching it during the Audition episode and there were thousands of American went for the audition. It was almost like American Idol Audition but i bet you maybe because the judges are Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, the judges for AI before.

In my previous post Crazy about the X Factor USA, i shared two of the contestants Drew and Jazzlyn. Both of them come up with stunning performances. But, today i have another favourite. She sang Mercy during the 1st Audition and it really WOW the judges and audience too but that time i am not into her performance yet. During the group performance at the Bootcamp, her group sang Whitney Houston song and still she did not catch my attention. BUT........ This one really WOW me and i can't stop myself replaying this over and over again. Each time i replay it she gave me goosebump. Yai!! Not believing me? Listen and watch for yourself!!...

She sang with the soul and put some emotions into the song! 
I really love how she sang this song...... 
I think Beyonce already watch her too... 
I wonder what is her comments for this performance...?
She in only 13 years old girl!!!
Enjoy watching.....

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. meremang bulu roma owh.. the emotion was amazing!!! i want that kind of voice!! kenapala suara sy sumbang mambang.. huhu


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