I will be Away...

Meligan hanging bridge

Pack my bags... All the item needed for the trip already well pack in my bags...
Rations, check - Sleeping bag, check - Equipments for vanilla planting, check...
All other items are ready..

Waiting for my friend to pick me up and we are heading our way to the forest.
Hope everyting will be fine and finish with the Vanilla planting.

Wish you guys a Blessed Wednesday Morning!!!
Will be back tomorrow...

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I hope all goes well too ^^ see you tomorrow! take care and have fun!

  2. Mosquito repellent? Sun block? Pantyliner? hehe... Good luck girl!

  3. enjoy and stay safe!!! will love to hear from you when you come back..

  4. @Dora Priscilla--Thanks. I am back already yesterday but too tired and can't make any post here.. But will spend some time today to share my expereince.

    @CG--No need mosquito repellent, sun block & pantyliner... i am good without all that (org kampung saja ini..he he he)... But thanks for the reminder, maybe will need that for next visit.

    @Rose Flower--Thanks dear!

    @marjaan manoon--Thanks and i am safe & sound.. he he he.. Will share my story later on..

    HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! God bless.

  5. What fun to be out in nature! I hope you had a good time and are relaxed!


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