Crazy about The X-Factor USA

It was last Friday and Saturday, i stayed at my friend's house. She told me there is one talent show at NTV7 called THE X-FACTOR. I love watching American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent, The Voice and there are some more. This X-Factor, i've heard before but did not watch it yet. She told me, there are Simon and Paula judging this show plus Nicole of Pussycat Dolls. Wow!! Seems to be interesting show. So, we watch two hours episodes on both Friday and Saturday. As usual there are great talents and there are annoying one. So, i want to share two of my favourite from the audition and i really hope they will not eliminated early especially during the bootcamp this week. I really hope both of them will pass it even though there are more talents selected for the bootcamp. Here we go!

Drew Ryniewicz

She sings her own version of Baby by Justin Bieber. At first she is a lil bit annoyed me because she so in love with Justin Bieber and she looks like too much. But anyway, that doesn't matter because i love listen to her version compare to Justin and that is what Nicole and Simon think too. Yai!! She make it!

Here is Justin Version and listen to both, you will get what i mean... :-)

Jazzlyn Little
She is the last person for the audition and she is soooo lack of confident when she go on stage. But, when the music turn on, she change her attitude. That's really amazing for a person. She did post in You Tube her video singing Christina Aguilera song but only 500 hits. Here is both of the videos and you watch both and you can see a star and sincerity in her performance during the audition. 

and this is during the audition!

They are 14 and 16 years old girl. Amazing isn't it?

What do you think? Till then!

With Love, 
Little Rose


  1. wow. unbelievable!!! thanks for posting. i liked you singing!!


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