Lost my Blogging Spirit....

Hello guys... It's Moday! I am not in the mood of Blogging. I am sorry that i did not visit my dear Blogger buddies blog too. Yai! Feel not happy about it coz i love reading your stories. My weekend is okay even though working half day on Saturday. Since then, i lost my spirit to blog. To think and to write and to share. Ai.. nda bagus ni...

Anyway, this post is just a stop by with hope i will get my blogging spirit back, after work, tonight! Must do some Blogwalking and write something more interesting to be shared here.

Till then!

Update 11.10.11 @ 12.25am:
Akhirnya sya Blogwalking juga ke beberapa blog kengkawan Blogger sya.. Adoi, payah juga ni mau kasi bangun spirit Blogging sya.. Cuma, mau tulis post baru masih lagi nda ada idea... Biarlah dulu kio!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. yeah.. i sometime feels the same too.. hilang spirit for blogging.. he he..
    but, chayok2! together we find the spirit of blogging! :)

  2. @lilies.john--tu la bah... nda da idea satuhal... yang paling nda best bila login terus blank n last2 logout balik... cha yo!! he he he... encourage each other la kita ni... take care & God bless...


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