.... when i start to BELIEVE

As you all know, i always talk about my work with the local communities (did i mentioned that in my previous post.....? errr..maybe i did). It was a really difficult task when i need to gain trust from them at the first attempt to the village. I find it was so difficult to make them understand what i told them or what i teach them. Anything that i told them i need to repeat more than 10 times (bengap sangat ka dorang ni...??) because they are very slow in understand things.

With this attitude, i did not believe they can do well in the capacity building programmes that we arrange for them. Leadership, women empowerment, skills enhancement etc... Take months and months for them to get the concept and the learning process is really make me piss off and i am sort of giving up with these people. I lost my faith in them, i did not believe they can make it in future.

Recently, i realize something is going on with myself and these communities. It was almost 4 months i did not visit them (actually i need to monitor their progress every month). So, during the visit, i was SURPRISE!!! Surprise seeing them manage themselves very well. The women group manage their group very well with the consistent monthly income and even the group revolvng fund also increase. The elders (male) support this women group whole heartedly. WOW!!! I am really impressed with all the changes and improvements!

With this i start to reflects on my self, how is actually i see them? How i treat them? How my perspective is biased? How i look down on their capabilities?  .....

How can they make it if i don't believe that they will change? The first and main thing i must do even before i start working with these communities was BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL BE ABLE TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE! CHANGE THEIR ATTITUDES FOR BETTER FUTURE FOR THEIR YOUNG GENERATIONS! I MUST BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH IN THEM!

The feeling now is different for me. I feel no more burden within me when i faced them. Why? Because i start to believe in them and believe in myself that we can work things together to make a different in their communities.


With Love,
Little Rose


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