Miss My Blogging Activity

Every time i log on to Blogger, i only manage to post one post or two, replied to the comments and visit a few posts of my blogger buddies (if i have more time, i manage to leave comments) and this happen in these past two weeks. Works and church activities, both makes me traveling here and there. Now, my body say STOP... I am TIRED and you make me SICK.. waaaa... i got flu, sore throat and cough. Not feeling well now but still manage to write this post. Why? Because i MISS my Blogging Activity!!! I miss visiting your blog guys and update on your superb stories... Which sometime make me laugh and something interesting to read through.

Okay, i need to have a rest now. Tomorrow half day working and at about 7pm having dinner for seminarian fund raising at KP. Another day to go through.

Have a Blessed Weekend for all of you! GOD BLESS!

Update (29/10/2011):
Sya tidak peduli, ni hari dalam opis sya mau Blogwalking juga, banyak suda cerita sya termissout dari kamuorg. Kalau sempat sya pi leave komen, kalau inda, baca saja la...huhuhu...

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Hi Rose don't forget pamper your body enough rest. get well soon and blessed weekend to you dear.Cheers :)

  2. Cewek...ko update aku la kalu jd p sini.

  3. Rest first k :) we can wait
    have a blessed Sunday!


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