~~ Get out from Your Comfort Zone

Credit to Fuel My Motivation

Your Comfort Zone Can Turn Into 'The No Progress Zone'

This is the stealer of our Motivation.
So, what we can do is, sometime we need to get out from our COMFORT ZONE to see what else we can do for better improvements. 

Have a Blessed Tuesday Morning everyone!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Hello Rose! Thanks coz stopping by yea.. Have put in my blogroll too ;D

    Very true! I try to remember this ;) but sometimes we are afraid to get out of our comfort zone.. Thanks for the reminder, have a blessed Tuesday too

  2. Amen to that! Haiz... sometimes we need to enjoy the comfort zone too but not for too long :D

  3. Kadang2 susah mo kuar dari 'comfort zone' but ya lah kalo di sana saja diri pun ndak pandai maju2. we need to go out from 'comfort zone' to experience better things in life in a better perspective and get to improve ourselves bah kan. Macam tu cartoon ko siok betul dia baring2 sana katil tlampau 'comfort' sudah hahahahaha....blessed tuesday to you:)

  4. @Dora Priscilla--My pleasure. I am glad that i found your blog too. Will be visiting you again.. :-).. .. Comfort Zone? Yep... sometimes it is difficult to move to the next level when too comfort with the current state.

    @Danile Chiam--It's true.. Not for too long... he he he

    @Rose Flower--Totally agreed with you! Mau ada perubahan juga dalam hidup ni... New challenge, new things and new exploration... NICE.. God bless you!


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