I just want to be HAPPY

You want to be HAPPY? Anyone want to be HAPPY right? I want to be HAPPY. Happy in anything, everything that comes along the way. Happy to be who i am.. accept myself for who i am and be happy about it. Happy with my family even though there is so many obstacles or problems happen in my family. Accept all of it, for what it is. See all the little things that makes me smile, my mum laughter, my dad farting, my sisters jokes, my nieces and nephews naughtiness, SMILE and just be Happy.

Life will be filled with so much joy and happiness when i start to see all the little things that make me smile and when i smile, i know deep down in my heart, i am Happy about it.

Be HAPPY guys!

Just be Happy, 
Little Rose


  1. I want be happy too..so many challenges in my life rite now.I never dream to have a moon, a star in my life..just a little bit happiness


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