Karate Class Improvement & Feast Day of Our Lady of The Rosary

I feel much better today. Maybe because I sweat out toxic from my body during my Karate class after work yesterday. It was refreshing to be able to do some work out through that martial arts class. I was joining this class after a month I join my current employer. It is good that the company have this martial arts class as one of their Sports and Recreation activities. I enjoy the class very much yesterday because I can feel there is an improvements of each movements especially the basics such as punch, stand and kick. I did my combination 1 and 2 perfectly with slight mistake with my stand. But I did well! Yey!!

I didn’t attend any formal class of any martial arts after my high school. During my high school I took Karate Do as my extra-curricular activities but only for one year so I didn’t upgrade my level and only learn basics which is very tough for me. However, I admire my seniors when I saw them doing formation and fighting. It is so awesome! So, it was always in the back of my mind that I will learn again and my wish granted that I was able to join my company Karate Club. I start all over again with my white belt!!

After the class I went to the floral shop to buy a rose flower. This month is a month dedicated to Mama Mary so I was excited to decorate my flower vase with alive roses flowers to put up on my mini altar where I put Mama Mary statue at home. So, I bought three different colours which is pink, red and light purple. It looks so nice but no roses smell. I wish I have my own flower garden, so I think I should consider of planting flowers joining my sister’s hobby.

Here is my roses flower dedicate to Mama Mary which is higher and taller than my favourite Mama Mary statue. Somehow, I love the flower and I am sure Mama Mary love it too.

Today is Feast Day of Our Lady of The Holy Rosary, Happy Feast Day! Mama Mary pray for us and we too must pray the Rosary everyday without fail.
Have a Blessed Day ahead!
Be Blessed,


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