Sleepy is a Habit?

Two days in a row, I am sleepy and feeling very tired. I couldn’t think and just sitting at my table and staring at my laptop. The worst part is, I am in the office. I wonder why and asking myself, what did I eat wrong, what did I do last night? Nothing, I just eat normal, I sleep at 10pm and that’s it. Am I thinking too much until my brain didn’t rest well? Maybe but as far as I can remember, I just fell asleep last night. Without really thinking much before sleep. I only read my spiritual book and then I sleep.

I try to shift my attention from staring at my laptop by doing something else but still when I start to turn back to my laptop and start writing my report, my brain become blank and I start to feel sleepy again. Oh gosh! I don’t like this because I became unproductive and my task got delayed and nothing accomplished yesterday. Not today again. Please!..

That’s why I wrote this blog entry so I can make my brain works not to fell asleep again. I am not sure if this has become my habit but I experienced this since my high school days. When I am in primary school, I didn’t easily fell asleep in the class. But it started when I enter secondary school. I was an athlete back then but somehow, I always fell asleep in class. LOL. Until my friend gave me special nickname. You might know the character of this cat that always fell asleep after eating his favorite lasagna. I was called Garfield back then because my eyes only half open every time they saw me in my class. This sleepy thingy dragged on until I start working.

In college and university, I get used to be called by my lecturers and they asked me to go to washroom and freshen myself. But somehow, it only last a few minutes before I fell asleep again. This might sound funny or you may say, “It’s you habit already!” I try my best to overcome this sleepy thing but none lasts. It will come back. I admit that I struggle to overcome it because I cannot become productive in the office. Well, I know I must find out the cause of this. Thanks for reading!..

May you have a productive day and so do I..

Sleepy Girl,


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