Hari Sukan Negara (10.10.2015)

A friend at work told me there is Fun Nite Run at the Town Square in conjunction with National Sports Day on 10.10.2015. It was an eight (8) km run. So, I told her, please count me in and register my name. There were 41 of us from our company participate in this run which have four different categories. On the other hand, usually my sister A is very update with any available run in Sibu but somehow, this time she didn't know about this run. She can not participate this run because she is on night shift duty.

Meanwhile, my sister B was able to join the Zumbathon which was started around 6.40pm and ended at 8.00pm. I saw my aerobic instructor on the stage. She is now a Zumba Zin. Glad that she did it. I have fun zumba-ing with my sister B. I am sure I didn't do very well because I left aerobic class quite few years now and I didn't really do this workout these days. No matter what, I sweat out a bit before start running.

We were suppose to run at 8pm but the organizer was waiting for the YB to arrive and we only flag off at 8.30pm. It looks like the event is not properly organized as well because run at night and it start very late. This is my second attempt after I failed to finish my half marathon (21km) in August 2015. I only managed to run for 15km and then my knees was so painful and I can not run anymore. So, I was decided I must finish the 8km run tonight.

Somehow, I DID IT!!!... I finish my 8km with 50 minutes. I didn't stop at all and I just run at my own pace not push my self so hard this time. My aim is to finish the run. I am glad that I did it. Thanks be to God.

All photos taken by my sister B with her VIVO mobile phone.
Beginner Runner,


  1. 8km in 50mins?! Dasaat oohh... 1 always finish my 10km in 2 hours. Hahahaha.. yg penting, medal. Kikikikiki..

  2. Just - Sa pun lama suda ba nda lari ni. Was a long distance runner masa high school but retire long time ago.. Ha Ha.. Sekali bersungguh2x pula I this time, dapat pula habis less than an hour. Ya, ada satu suda koleksi medal sa.. Syukurlah nak.. (^__^)


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