Day 4: Movement Control Order

After four days stay at home, i have to go out today to buy some of essentials things from nearby shops. Before went out, i prepared my shopping lists and which shops i will go so, i will minimize my time outside of my house. I look at my watch and it is about 3.15pm and the weather is a bit cloudy but still a bit warm outside.

My first stop is Watson's at Jalan Song. When i drove there, i notice less cars on the road and at some area, it is only me on the road. At the store, i found out no sign put outside that mentioning about social distancing or how they would want to serve the customers. Okay, i went to the wrong store which have a very low actions on helping the government to flatten the curve. There were about five customers in the store and two staffs at the counter. I straight away, pick up all the things that i listed that available in the store, pay and went back to my car.

Second stop at Unaco's Supermarket, Stutong to buy groceries and other things to bring back home to my parents (if i am able to pass the road block next week). The same scenario and no precautions as advised by the Health Ministry. My assumptions is that the store is not ready or do not know how to take actions as advised by the authority. Their staff is not well prepared to faced this kind of situation. Wrong place again.

Third stop is Choice Daily, KPJ because some item i need i did not found at the previous supermarket. It is also the same situation like the previous supermarket.

My fourth stop is at Mita cake house, KPJ because i want to eat some bread and thank God, finally one shop that take more serious action to comply the authority order. They serve one customer at the time and no customer allowed to enter the premise. They serve customer at the front door and we just tell them which item we want, pay and they will pack it for us. They also put a notice outside the door about their operation during this pandemic and asks customer to not panic and stored bread at home more than we need. They even put a tape for us to practice social distancing. Salute to this cake house.

My fifth stop is Pasar Kampung near my house. This is the last one because i want to find food for my dog at home. The two previous supermarket didn't have it and unfortunately, this last one also didn't have it. This supermarket also just like the other two. I hope all staff that working at these four premises including the cake house will be safe.

This experienced is not nice at all. I pray this pandemic will over soon. God have mercy on us all.

Total death in Malaysia is already 8. May their souls rest in peace and please give strength to the affected families, o Lord.


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