I am BACK but GOING AWAY again!!!

Hey guys! I am back after having two trips. The first one is going into the bush and planted some vanilla seedlings and having fun with nature. Then driving away to KM for three days. Spend some time with friends and Franciscan Sisters. Feel great when came back home but i will be away again this weekend. I miss blogging but i am just tired after travelling and yet need to pack my bags again this Friday. My friend and i will be going to Kaingaran, Tambunan. We will spend some silence with Jesus there. I hope God will touch my heart and i wanted to renew spiritually too. Life being harsh to me these past weeks but thanks God for always be with me.

There were some choices have to be made and hope i can make up my mind.

Here is the photo of my trip into the bush! Hope you enjoy as i am enjoying the moments too.

Misty and cold weather... But love it being there..
I wish you can turn into a Prince.... Ha ha.. Me & Mr. Bufo juxtasper.
Acting like we are in a Hindi Movie...wakakaka...
Before leaving this nice place.. The memory remain and maybe next
week i have to be here again.
So, that's it! Till then! God bless...

With Love,
Little Rose

P.s: Miss me? If you feel like missing me, leave me some comments... I miss to spend some time Blogwalking too... Next week, it is!


  1. Besar juga tu katak...ada ko try2 kiss dia ka? mana tau betul2 menjelma jadi prince! hohoho

  2. Sa suka tingu yang the 1st pic tu macam sa buli rasa dia punya sejuk di mana tu. And the katak punya besar ndak pernah sa nampak katak begitu besar woh. Bah till then take care and GB:)

  3. dimana ni? mcm best jak ni tempat..

  4. Where is this? I love the fist picture! I want to go there too :D


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