Aerobic 1st Class

Only three of us but it was quite fun. Move and shake our body for an hour. Actually this activity is just for fun and it is only for us, single ladies. Since i am still not confident to become our group instructor, then we just make ourselves familiar with the music and moves our body. The most important thing is to let our body sweating. He he he..

There are two other groups of ladies that having their aerobic class too. The space is very small and only can occupied about 15-20 people per sessions. These two groups, they have their own leader aka instructor. But i did not know how they conduct their class. Okay, nevermind, i think they are doing great.

So, our next class will be next week on Tuesday. I need to work on the choreograph and hoping that more of our friends attend our next class. This is FUN!!!

With Love,
Little Rose


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