Moments to Remember with Precious Friends

I am sure each and evreyone of us have a great moments with our friends. Maybe it was when we are still in kindergarden, primary school, secondary school, college, university or when we are already working. No matter what we did together with our friends.

I am blessed because i have so many great friends from my school days until now. We separated follow our own paths but we still contacted each other. I must says that FACEBOOK did help us to get connected, a lot! To be aware of what happen to each others. That is the great things FB do to my friendship.

From left: Alice, Najjah, Suzie & Me
In photos above are my friends from my current workplace. This photo was taken after our theater performance during World Environment Day last year. Najjah is no more working with us, she already left to another workplace sometime in August last year. However, she did help us a lot to make our performance is a WOW that night. Actually most of our actor and actress in that theater were youths. We only help them with that performance.

But the most important thing is that, we have a really great time preparing for that performance and perform well that night. I may say, this is one of the great moments that i have with my friends. Even so, there are lots more great moments that i have with my other precious friends.

How about you? Wanted to share some?

With Love,
Little Rose


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