A Promise to Myself

Thinking a lot about this after attended Leadership & Team Building Training on Thursday & Friday this week. Starting from tomorrow i made a promise to myself:

  • Started my day with a PRAYER, asking my God for His guidance and never leave me alone. 
  • I wanted to be MYSELF again, stay focus and believe in myself. 
  • I will always trying my best to be HAPPY, enjoying my work and be cheerful even there are loads of work in the office. I wanted to live my life joyfully.
  • I will try my very best to always think POSITIVE. I like my friend's slogan "Bersangka Baik Saja"..
  • I will greet my co-workers that i met every morning with a BIG SMILE. Hoping that they will have a great day too. 
  • I will trying hard to overcome my bad habit... PROCRASTINATION. Trying to finish all my task on time. No more delaying because it has put a lot of pressure on myself and then it leads to stress.  
  • No more COMPLAINING. Just do things right according to what it is supposed to be done. Put my own standard in it and make sure it done perfectly. 
  • Always MOTIVATED and have control of my own thoughts. Think wisely and yep.. be motivated to move forward. 
  • Open for a change. No more "Katak bawah tempurung" things... 
  • Take a CHALLENGE and go for it!! (I hope i still can make this happen because for these two years i have been holding back so many times...)
Alright, as it is on this day...these ten are my promise to myself. I must at least try the most simplest step at one time. Like greet my co-workers every morning. It will not be that hard to be done, as long as i start my day with a SMILE on my face and feeling great for that day. For sure i can share it with others too.

Wish me luck and i hope my friends out there will have a great life too. God bless and peace be with us all...

With Love,
Little Rose


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