This may sounds funny for some of you. But, my friend and i made a deal today. In my previous post A Promise to Myself, i did mention about COMPLAINING right? I want to reduce or overcome my bad habit which is complaining at work. Because for now, there seems to be nothing is right in my eyes in my office anymore.

Therefore, we make a deal about STOP COMPLAINING started from today. If any of us complaint, that person need to pay an amount of RM0.50 per complaint. So, we must be aware of our conversation and action that we take. Why only 50 cent? This is because, i complaint everyday and almost more than 5 times per day. I am that bad right? So, we started with a small amount first. To give ourself a warning.

What will happen with the money? He he he... We plan to have a good meal with that money just to reward ourself for our effort to overcome this bad habit. If the amount is big, that means we are still complaning about our work. But, if at the end of the month only a small amount, then we must celebrate it with a good meal. That is our DEAL!!

Sounds crazy you think? At least we make an effort to make good progress of our work and maybe change our work environment to be a better place to work.

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. hey rose..sa pun selalu complaining....sa pun mau eliminte bad habit ni ...

    kita rasa kita susah, ada lagi yang lebih susah dari kita kan

  2. Hai Beaty--ya bah... susah betul mau buang ni habit kalau sudah stat mengomplen. Macam semua pun nda betul ni. So thats why la saya sama kawan saya buat begini ni... Terasa ni kerja nda bejalan, abis tiap2 ari sya komplen ja... bah.. Try to overcome it together. Ganbate na!!! :-)


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