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I may say that i am CRAZY about earrings. I gone crazy with beads, crystals, woods and anything that is unique and special to my eyes. Since i am so crazy about earrings, then i ask a favour from my friend, Patricia to teach me how to make an earrings. She is amazing when she produce any beads craft. She twist here and there for only five minutes then the product is ready for sale. She is a Lunbawang lady from Lawas and they have been working on making beads from clay. She teach me how to make an earrings so here is the first three that i made this weekend. I am not CREATIVE, just a reminder.. ha ha ha.. I do what my eyes see that is pretty but it may not pretty for others. Here they are:

The Leaf
But then it's not so looks like a leaf.... hmmm...
By the way, this is my 1st handmade earrings.. Yay!
The Flowery
This beads is from China but i love the pattern...
My 2nd product!.. I am improved!
Combination of local bead (brown) and China bead...
I just make up this one... try and error... not that nice..
Something wrong with the combination...hmmm..
My 3rd product!
So guys! What do you think? Learn only about half an hour from my friend Pat. I still don't have any pattern to produce. This three is just for fun and i did show off to my friends.. ha ha ha.. mengada-ngada jugak kan... I was thinking of producing something related to NATURE.. since i am crazy about nature right! That is why my colour will be Green, Blue and Brown...

More will come! Till Then!

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. Boleh2 lah kan cewek... mana kau mau ? nanti aku pos... yang penting ko mesti ambik gambar ko pakai then post di blog kau... ha ha ah.. kasi promote produk aku yg tak seberapa ni... :-P

  2. aku mo yg no 2..nnt aku publish pic aku pakai ya ;p

  3. Okay... will post it to u soon... nanti aku buat special utk ko... heheheh...


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