Miss my Mom...

Photo taken during my year end holiday last year.... 
I was thinking of her today. But i forgot to call her when i get back from work. 

I am sorry mom. It is almost more than two weeks i did not call back home. I did not meant too but my memory is not that good after my fever last month. I have to make some reminder in my phone of anything that is important and jot down on a paper, to remind myself. I need to write a reminder in my phone so i will not forgot to call you tomorrow. I hope you are in good health and also Daddy, Sis Ani and Baby Ira. Hope all of you in good health. Miss you guys badly right now. Hmmm... 
SAYANG mak jegum apak. Dak dao aah bi'eh kedua gak kapong. 
God bless both of you and my Sis Ani and my niece Ira. 

With Love,
Little Rose


  1. I miss my mom too. :-( They're the best and the only ones we have, right? What wud we do without them. Make sure u call ur mom later, Rose.

  2. CG--Mun stay jauh dari parents nang pandey homesick juak kadang2. Dolok nang teruk gik kamek empun homesick. Rindu dgn mak la, bapak la, anak2 buah la.. Kinek tok, okay dah la.. Tua dah bah.. ha ha ha.. Aok, dah kamek kol mum kamek tek. Sihat walafiat sidak. Amen.. Gembira ati dengar.. Hope your parents also doing great at home. God bless. :-)

  3. I see mine every weekend. :-) Amen!!


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