True Confession #4 - Do i like my current job?

Do i have to confess about this here? I think so... why? Because i need to write something that i can not say it out loud. Waaa... sounds a bit... what? Mysterious huh! we goes!

To be HONEST... I am not really LIKE my current job because it is not my PASSION. It is not something that i really have heart to do. Half-hearted and the outcome is SO - SO... You know what? Before this i was so into adventurous things, discover new things, learn new things.. The more challenges, more i love to try it out. But now? Maybe i am getting older and maybe some of my brain cells is dead.. ha ha ha ha.. crazy!

Since i am not into this job, two years is like i was crawling like a baby. Struggling to understand and discover, what is actually this job is about. If i can measure percentage of my understanding, i can say that i only get about 40% or maybe less. Maybe i am just a slow learner! Huhuhu... (kesian my bos hiring me..)... Only a few part which related to nature, environmental awareness.... That i can do it. If it is come to deal with people.. I am OUT! Dead.. I may not become a mediator but an oil that make the fire become more stronger (macam tu minyak bah..kasi marak lagi tu api.. makin besar tu api... boleh gaduh besar..teda kesabaran bah ni..)

I can smile, i can talk softly but i easily give up with people that don't want to help themselves. I am helping them to lift up their way of life or maybe improved their way of living but i have limit of my patient. Alright! I don't want to talk more about it! Till then.... I stop here... Sorry for this mumbling is crazy thoughts that came out from my mind!


  1. Sabar Pok Sabar....dah abis writing??

  2. Den--tengah menyabarkan diri la tok.. Den, bila trip kau pg merapok? mun 1st n 2nd wk June aku sikpat ikut owh.. pack alu program bos ku polah... huhuhu

    oli--i am thinking about it too... maybe soon... :-)

  3. Sik jadi awal bulan 6 tapi awal bulan 7...sbb Fred datang ke Lawas 11 July tok...numb hp ku agi sama, so ku kat Sarawak ku msg ngan ko OKIES


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