Books ~ Healing the Heart of Emotional Wounds

I have read many books about healing these past few months.My heart is not in a very peaceful state. I always feel sad, depress and bitterness against others. Been attended a few seminars and retreat to figure out what happen to me.

Recently i read this book and while i read through this book, i find out i have a pride in me that makes me think i did nothing wrong. My attitude toward others and there is nothing wrong with my action to them. This part of this book tell me something about me.

Take Responsibility For Your Behaviour
We behave in unhealthy and compulsive ways because of the wounds we recieved in the battle of life, either as children or later, or again, because we grew up in a particular culture. Yet the present behaviour is ours, not of our parents or of a faceless culture. If we do not take responsibility for this, that is, admit that we are the ones who behave thus, we will continue to play the game of blamming. Instead of using our energy for changing ourselves, we will waste it.

I am aware now that i must take responsibility of my behaviour. Not only that, this is the test for me to humble myself and being humble is what Jesus teach me. Humilty, Humility, Humility. 

Humble Myself,


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