A Busy Day

I had so many things going on today. Going to church early in the morning and i join choir group. After Eucharistic Mass, our Church Youth Group having a meeting. It takes about almost two hours. I am starving but i have to be there and continue until our meeting finish. In today's homily, Fr. Gilbert was talking about our practice of drinking wine. Why Catholic drinks wine?

After church, i went back to my house and asks my friend to join me for a lunch. We had our Nasi Goreng Kampung at one of the restaurant in town. Not so tasty but still can feed my starving stomach..Okay..our next activity was really can empty our wallet. SHOPPING..........yay! I am a bit curious how come we still can do shopping in the middle of the month. Argghhh....miracle..but for sure next week will become my not so good week...i just can't control my SHOPAHOLIC habits....it's killing me if my wallet still have some amount of money. How to control this habits? Just buy what i really really need instead of because i want it. This is really a big problem for me. That is what i think. yay!!!


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