I bought two fishes on 3rd of January 2010 as a new year gift for myself. But unfortunately, one of them died because they fighting inside the aquarium. So, only one left. 

This is her/him (i am not sure of the sexes of this fish). It is a Angel Fish. Since this is Angel fish so i called her Angel. Hopefully she can become my Angel and keep my day bright and full of smile in my face. I talk to her almost everyday.

She is really a pretty fish right. Look at her. 

Since only her left, then i bought a new friend but i have to keep her friend in another aquarium. I learn my lesson before because they fight inside the same space. So, i bought a Gold Fish on 13th March and i called her LUCKY.I hope she will brings me la...just a new friends to accompany me. Here is Lucky:-

She is alone inside a new aquarium i bought especially for her. I want to add another one but this is my first experience keep a Gold Fish so i have to learn more about them before add another one. 

Actually she is small size because i just wanted to try. I bought her for RM1.50 only. But ia love her alreday even though she is so cheap. :-)

I love both of them very much now because they did response to me when i talk to them. Even though they can not answer me back..hahahah....It is a good therapy for my daily stress life. Since i have them i feel better at work. 


  1. Lovely fishes you have there. It's good to have someone or something to talk to. I hv a friend who talks to her plants and a picture of Jesus. As for me, I normally talk to my inner self and if I am faced with a problem, I normally think through it in the night before I sleep and when I awoke the following morning, I sort of know what I must do.

    Hope you'll have a good weekend.

  2. Alee-- Thanks so much for your sharing... :-)


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