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Musical Theater

Feel a bit boring and don't know what to do these few days. Public holiday started today till 1st June but i didn't feel the holiday mood or harvest festival mood at all. Maybe because i am stuck here without any plan for holiday. Still have some work to be done. On the 3rd - 4th June will be a celebration of World Environment Day for our District. One of the event will be Nature Appreciation Night on the 4th June.

Bamboo Orchestra- Tadau Kaamatan

This is a Bamboo Orchestra - Tadau Kaamatan i found in You Tube which was created by EYANFIAN.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my KADAZAN DUSUN friends in Sabah, KOTOBIAN TADAU TAGAZOO DO KAAMATAN on 30th and 31st May 2010. Have a great Harvest Festival celebration and enjoy your holiday. God Bless!!

White Water Rafting - Padas River

Hey guys! As promise i have to share some of my activities that already out dated. Being busy lately so, i will start with my recent trip on 9th May 2010 (Sunday). Remember in my previous post i did write about my plan to go for rafting? Here is the link: Boring & Rafting.

Charice performs "Note to God"


Aduina.. lamaknya aku menyepi dari menulis dalam blog ku tok. Bukan aku sengaja tapi terlampau busy dengan kerja nok sik penah maok abis. Abis sigek, datang agik sigek. Sik tauk bila maok complete. Biarlah nak..mun sik lak sekda kerja. Orang madah kita ngular. Banyak dah benda aku termiss out maok share sitok. Started from May 8th sebenarnya banyak perkara berlaku in between. Kelak aku cita panjang and i will share the stories by chronological events. Ha ha ha.. maok juak cerita benda dah basik nak? Sekpa asal dapat share okay lah ya.

My Visit To Gaya Street, KK

Just want to share a little bit photos that i took two years ago during my visit to Sabah. An interesting place to visit with various crafts and things that you can take back home as a souvenirs from Sabah, Land Below the Wind. Enjoy some of the photos that i took during that trip.

Ngerepak Jap

Dah beberapa hari aku sik update entry blog ku tok. Ney nda busy melampau sampei sekda masa maok ngadap FB and blog2 ku. Mula tek maok molah entry lam English tapi macam sekda idea plak aku maok nulis. Lamak jak jari-jemari ku terpaku, sik tertekan pun huruf2 di keypad lap top ku tok. Biarlah ku nulis lam bahasa Melayu Sarawak tok lok.


I received an email from a friend. It is quite encouraging and i wanted to share with my friends here in my blog too. Have a great time reading it!