Musical Theater

Feel a bit boring and don't know what to do these few days. Public holiday started today till 1st June but i didn't feel the holiday mood or harvest festival mood at all. Maybe because i am stuck here without any plan for holiday. Still have some work to be done. On the 3rd - 4th June will be a celebration of World Environment Day for our District. One of the event will be Nature Appreciation Night on the 4th June.
I am  responsible on one of the performance that night. The youth group will be the main actor and actresses for this coming play. We are doing the Musical Theater. I am not good at arts and stage performance but seeing all this youths, i feel that i am responsible to guide them. So, with help from some of my friends i am sure we can make it very well.

I do hope this youth team can come up with something like this children's performance. There is nothing impossible as long as there is passion inside each one of them.

This is Teater Tanah Air "PEACE VIDEO" by the children and uploaded by duajempol at YouTube. 

They are capable to do something great. I must believe in them. Yes... i have to have confidence in them. 


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