1000 Visitors from 29 Countries

Yay! Thanks a lot guys for visiting my site. According to this counter widget, it is already reach 1000 visitors this morning. Glad to spread the words to the 29 countries too.

Hope you have a great time visit my blog and read rambling of my thoughts. Don't get bored to stop by okay. 
God bless all of you and Good day!!

Little Rose


  1. That's the best thing about bloging...make ourself famous!!!

  2. Dah boleh upgrade to premium dah Rose. hahha. if only we can change that number to cash kan?

  3. Congrats on achieving 1000! Love your current blog skin :-)

  4. Dayung--sik pames pun aku empun blog tok. Follower baru 24 org plus di Networked Blog baru 14 orang.. nok memvisit sampei 1000 ya orang yang sama jak bah ya... kawan2..... Aku rasa nok dari US ya nang kau lah ya.. :-P..thanks to you lah ho coz memperbanyakkan lagi hits to my blog..

    CG--Aok eh, boleh diupgrade dah ya.. :-P..I wish boleh dichange gi cash.. (^__*)

    Alee--Thank you! How are you? Long time didn't see you around. Hope you are doing fine.


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