Birthday Wishes for....... Yaya, Tasha & Anna

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Today is a very special day for special family and friends.

I want to wish my beloved niece Syarah Ardylla that i always called her Yaya for her 8th birthday today. My prayer is for her health, family and her future undertakings will be in a very good one. May God always guide her to be a good child and daughter. God bless you my dear and I love you very much. Love, Hugs & Kisses from Usu. Mmuahss...

My dear friend Tasha. I've known her since we were studying at KML (Labuan) in 1999. I am grateful and thanks God for granting me this beautiful friend and very good friend of mine. So, today i want to wish her for her bestest day today. May all her dreams and prayers will be answered by God. May God always guide her and protect her and bless her. I love you very much my dear friend. Knowing you is the greatest gift from God. You are special my dear. Take care and you are always in my prayer. Mmmmuahsss..... Hugs & Kisses....

Known her about 11 months ago. Move into my house. We are not talking so much because busy with our own things. But, i know she is a good lady. Wish her the best for her birthday today. Anna, Happy Birthday and may your life full of God's blessings. Take care and God bless!

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