JOY - My Little Hairy Friend

I was away for about three days. Doing outstation works. The great things was, i get my new little friend from logging camp this weekend. While we were visiting sites, we stop by at one of the logging camp. While we having coffee at the canteen, there were three kittens attracts us. Asking the ladies in the canteen and they asks us to take all the kittens back with us. They already have too many cats at the camp. There are more than 30 cats. They always give away kittens to villagers nearby or other visitors that stop by their camp. So, this time is our time. We took all three of them. I took one with me and another two was taken by my other friend.

I called her JOY. Why? Because she will brings joy to my life since i always stayed alone at home every weekend. My housemates went back home very weekend. Besides, Christmas is coming and Joy is my precious Christmas gift to myself. Yay! Okay, here is some of Joy faces on the first day she enter her new home (my home and will become our home).

Little Rose


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