Saturday Blues

Morning All!

Feel very tired after a long day yesterday (even though it is only half day and reach home almost 9pm). Very lazy to wake up this morning. Thought that, it will be great if i am not working today. Haiyah! Demotivated to go to work eventhough it is only half day. Thinking, what i want to do in the office today? Only two of us working and i am sure my friend will be busy with her thick file (he he he... Ujie, for sure you will not have time to 'memancing' kan?)

Me? What will i do, i am sooooo not in the mood of working this. Aiyah! Hmmph!!!..... Till then lah!


  1. OOOiii Rose, wake up. Let's go for a walk in the wood. In the morning, a lot of birds and small animal looking for food. Maybe we are lucky to snap some photo of them.

  2. Half day only Rose... tick tock coffee tick tock online tick tock blog tick tock report tick tock 1pm! LOL Happy Saturday!

  3. hahahaha..unfortunately i have a lot of time to memancing..wakakaka..can't u see??? what a free time I have..kikikiki....mcm byk suda ikan ni. cukup la ni kasi makan my baby.LOL


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