Thank you so much to Stella at A Paint of Life.. for giving away this award for her blogger buddies and followers. I may do the same here. For all my blogger buddies and followers please grab this award. This award is yours too. Good to share something cute and nice like this.  Here is the award!

Cute one for those who feel they are cute and sweet!!! 

Little Rose


  1. nice.. sharing award.. tq for mentioning me here :)

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  3. Stella--hehe... ntah habit sya mingkin.. semua mau dishare... good words, nice pic, even this cute award also want to share.. he he he.. Glad bah to have another one blogger fren so, just mention u here..(kasi promote ni).. :-)

    Home Remedies--Thanks for stop by. Add your site to my herbs lovers list. Will do if i have some of home remedies. Great site u have. Cheers!

  4. Congrats on the award, I am following you back thanks a million for stopping by Friday, I hope you come back soon. =)


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