T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U.

Read status one of my friend in FB. It says:
T E R I M A K A S I H......two simple words, but why can't certain people say it to others?

This makes me think of writing something about it. These two words means a lot to some people and some may not. It depends on who says it and to whom it is told. From my own perspective, it is the greatest things to do to say "THANK YOU" to a person whether they help us with something or any occasion where we get something from anyone that do something kind to us. THANK YOU means that i appreciate a person that doing something good to me. To make them feel good about it too.

I remember back in Nov 2008, when i attend Fr. Terry Burke talks in St. Joseph Cathedral, Kuching. He share with us about saying or expressing appreciation to a person no matter they are doing only a small things to us. He said it is good for us to say Thank You to waiter or waitress at coffee shop when they give us our drinks and food. Saying Thank You may sound simple and small things and some people ignore about it but it shows our appreciation to a person. It is not difficult to say it right? Only two words.

Photo credit to healzo
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Little Rose


  1. Is this a new look? it looks great! sayu jak.

    Thank you Rose, for being my blog friends. :-) And happy diwali!

  2. CG--Yep..this is the new look.. i love to change and try something new... i like it this way (for now).. he he he..

    You are most welcome my blogger buddy. Glad that we are friend. Happy Diwali to you too... (^__^)


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