UNICEF - Raise Your Hands, Stop Child Abuse

Support this campaign guys! Just go to the website and register to get on board (in the bus la ba tu). Design your hand and raise your hand to stop child abuse in Malaysia. I have design my hand and it looks like this... huhu.. not so pretty but i just want to show that LOVE can fight the child abuse. Here is my hand that i raise.. :-)

Lastly, write down your slogan and this is my slogan...
I’ve raised my hand. How about you? With Love On our Hands & In our Heart, we can stop this with LOVE! Let be Peace and Love in this world!
Then you are DONE!
So?? Why wait? Support this campaign  yah!!!


  1. Nice! eh i wanted to do one, but my office PC tak update dia punya flash plugin. haha. have to wait till i get home to do it on my notebook. :-)


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