Maxis Broadband

Silence from blogging world is actually makes me missing my blog very much. After moving to my new work place, i did not have internet connection at home. I only have a chance to go online in the office and i am not really comfortable to blog in the office. Besides i have problem to load blogger using office internet connection. This town have a little bit problem with TM especially Streamyx. After a few months, i decide to buy Maxis Broadband.

Photo credit to Google Images

It works best at my house because Maxis tower is just next to my house. But, i have problem with my lap top. Seems to be my lap top can not support this broadband software. After i shut down my lap top, it can not on until i have to repair and uninstall Maxis software. This is the 3rd attempt and i hope after i shut down today, my lap top will be able to switch on. *finger cross*


  1. Sabar Rose. Harap harap kenah bak malem naah. Have a great weekend.


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