New Netbook ~ Acer Aspire One

I am so HAPPY today when i received my new gadget. Nothing to brag about it but just to share a little bit my happiness here. :-)

Thinking of buying a new laptop since a few months ago when my old Dell Vostro laptop having problems a few times and that laptop i bought in 2006. Almost seven years and it was my first laptop. I am so loyal with that lappy since then because it never once dissapoint me. Thus never enter 'workshop' for repair or maintenance. Go anywhere i go even to Japan and also deep forest of Borneo. But i admit that my buddy Dell is old enough now and he need to rest sometimes because i am a person that can stay in fornt of my lappy hours and hours in a day. So he may get some rest when i get this new buddy to do simple work and online.

The decision of buying new lappy is stronger when i was away for 9 days in the camp last week, i can not do my work because my dear Dell did not have battery and we don't have power supply at our camp. Sigh! I need new lappy!

The packaging!

Therefore, I make an online order on 24th August from IPMart. I never bought any items from an online websites before so i am a little bit afraid. I read a lots of review and comments about this website and look around for convincing information. After decided and firm with my decision, i order my new lappy Aspire One Ballon Carnival Design. The good thing about this website is, i can pay using online banking and that suit me well because i don't have credit card. I am really impress with the service and the order is only takes five days!!!! Not even a week guys!... Thanks to IPMart Team!

Today, at 3.45pm my new lappy arrived! Yesss!!... I am soooo Happy with my little new buddy Aspire One! And this post is typed and posted using my new buddy!

My new buddy ~ Aspire One
Hope it will inspire me more to do my work using him. 
Happy Mode, 
Little Rose


  1. Hi Rose,
    Glad that you have your new buddy. I may get my new buddy later this year.
    Happy Independence day, Rose.
    God Loves Us.
    John Ari Ragai


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