Oh My English!..

Recently, i wonder why my English is so damn poor again? I was away to assist a volunteer group from UK and at the same time, i became their translator in that village. But, for that past 10 days, i lost words. It was so difficult to find the right vocab to describe items, occasion or anything that the volunteers asks. *Sigh*

This is also the reason why i did not really update my blog. Not only that i did not have ideas but also my English is so terrible now. After my boss resign, i did not use so much English in the office, maybe this is also one of the reason. But i still prepare reports in English (but very difficult to complete it now!) and reading lots of reference in English.

Oh! My English!.. Most of the time is direct translation and if i did not find the right words, i use Malay. Too much with the Sabahan dialect nowadays. Aiyah!..

Little Rose


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