The Sanitary Project ~ Maliau Layung (Part 2)

The toilet structure is up. 
Back to the main toilet block, we have other tasks waiting. However, the structure team already successfully set up the toilet structure on the ground. So another task to be done is:

  • Set up the toilet bowl and connect it to the PCV pipe to the septic tank
  • Roofing
  •  Walling
  • Concrete ground
  •  Door
  • Painted the wood preservative
  • Set up the tap by connect it to the existing water gravity
  • Cover back the septic tank and keep the surrounding clear from all of our mess

On the 3rd August afternoon around 3pm, the toilet completed. Yess!!! At last we made it. If not of our team work and cooperation during the process, we will not be able to make this project a success.

Paint the wood structure with wood preservative.
The group of villagers helping us with roofing. 
One of the villager, help us with the door. 
The toilet. 
The opening.

The most satisfied achievement for me is when I can engage the locals from this village to take part in the construction process. I believe that they will value and appreciate more of this toilet if they feel the toilet is theirs. The ownership of this toilet building and I am sure they will use it wisely and take good care of it. However, this is only my assumption, if I want to see the real scenario, I need to monitor and pay them a visit 3 months from now. I will update with you guys when I came back from my visit. Finger crossed on this because I always see our people did not appreciate “free stuff”. It will end up damaged or not functioning. I hope these local people appreciate our hardwork and sweats that we put on completing these two units of toilet.     

So, that is my story! Working with community is not as easy as people think but the satisfaction once seeing smile in the face of the people worth the difficulties and hard work that we've been through!.

Till we meet again!
From the Diary of,
Little Rose


  1. shalom :)..I just found ur inspiring, even though i just read 2 of your post..keep blogging and keep inspiring us the reader...God Bless!

    1. Shalom Dadai!
      Thanks coz visit and drop your comments in my blog. I am glad that it can inspire others. I am still trying my very best to keep blogging despite of my busy daily routine. Take care and God bless.


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