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Pilgrimage to Medan ~ Day 4

The trip is nearly end. I am sure i will miss this place very much because it has been a great journey for the past three days. Even though we did not have enough sleep and rest but still it is a great journey for me to discover new place and meeting strangers along the way.

I am glad that i decided to joined this pilgrimage trip. On this last day we were drive back to Medan City. However, just before reach the city, we went to Pertapaan Putri Karmel, Medan. However, just before we leave the island, i manage to took photo with the resort staff. He using their uniform and it is quite unique because, no matter how plain it is, the side of the cloth still have batik pattern. The batik is actually brought in from Java and they sale quite cheap in Medan.

Not to forget capturing myself with a friend that i just met during this trip, Jack. Ha ha ha.. This is so funny because, the name came out from our new friend, the tourist guide after they get my name, Rose. So, this is just for fun. Jac…

Pilgrimage to Medan ~ Day 3

On the 3rd day we leave Sinabung Hills to another part of Medan. We will be on an island on the island, and that for sure the famous Samosir Island inside the Toba Lake. Yai!!! I am super excited because at last i can see it with my own eyes. With the elevation 1000++ meter above sea leave, aren't its amazing and interesting to be there?..   
Hope you enjoy with all the photos and a little brief about whereabout i visit on our 3rd day in Medan! I am sure seeing lots of beautiful photos and scenery i share, you wanna visit Medan. Book a ticket and you can fly to Medan via KL. Air Asia is availabe. :-) --- Enjoying the trip, Little Rose