When I surrounded by GREAT PEOPLE

When are the best moments in your life? Well, I think the best moments are when you are loved by special people in your life such as your parents, siblings, spouse, relatives, friends and maybe your workmates. Or, when you success in what you are doing such as your study, sports, complete assignments given to you and so on. Or when you having joyful times with your mates etc etc. Lots more to mention, whatever it is, you sure know what your best moments is.

Well, something that I want to share here is, the special moments when I am surrounded by great people. Who are these people? I have lots to mention in here because I am grateful to God that He gave me so much blessings since I am born by giving me a chance to meet great people. In these 32 years, God made my life colourful like a rainbow (maybe more colourful than a rainbow with all the other colours…ha ha ha). Why? Because I frequently meet new people, from strangers to best buddies or enemies (don’t you think that your enemy is the people that make you realize that, you can’t pleased or satisfy everyone?).

With good intention in your heart and treat people like you wanted you to be treated, then you can have a good relationship with people around you. Don’t you think so? This remind me of my mother useful advice when I make a decision to work outside from my home town in 2005. I know she worried that I can’t adapt to new place, new people, new culture, new environment. Well, I am her little baby girl, still! Ha ha ha ha..

She said this, “Mun gak kedau a, kak lalu subong. Masok kubo a, kak mengituk walau keja’an ji kedau lien. Tulong menak keja, kak mengakel. Dak dao tan gak kedau a.” Oh, this is in my native language. Let me translate. She said, “Don’t become an arrogant, when you are at other place. If you enter, people’s house respect. Help others with their task, don’t be lazy. Be good all the time”. Okay, more or less, it sounds like that. Correct me if I translate it wrongly. With this I think I did well up to now. Am I change? Hmmm… I am not sure. Maybe aging!! Ha ha ha ha..

Enough with that, allow me to share some pictures of people that mold me to become who I am today! Some I don’t have their pictures but I always keep them deep in my heart.

Of course my mum & dad... 
My foster mum & dad.. The KadazanDusun of Penampang & Bundu Tuhan.
My dearie sisters!!!! Girl Power in the house.. (^__^)
The 12 Stars! During my school days! Besties till today!
All those happy days during college....
Best buddies from high school, college and uni. This taken during my 22nd
birthday on my 3rd year in Uni. 
My first job that suit my academic background. Not to mention a few other
job before this one. But i met and learn a lot from these people and make a
good friend.
Lots of good memories while i am in Sipitang. And met a lot of great
people too.  
My spiritual journey with youth at St. John the Baptist, Sipitang while
working there. Again meet all great people. 
Another spiritual journey with Sisters of Franciscan Sisters of
Immaculate Conception Sabah. 
So, that is all about meeting great people how these people brings joy and happiness in my life. Thank God for this blessings!

Feel Blessed,
Little Rose


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