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Being Myself

Did you ever question yourself, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE? I did not think much about it anymore like i was in the past few years before. Why? Because i think there is no point for me to think too much about it anymore. I am in my early 3 series age already, so i know where i am heading now. 
God created me and i must have a purpose to be in this world. I discover one of my gift. To bring happiness and joy in others life. To see smiles in someone else face. But somehow, even though it sounds easy and simple, but yet very difficult to make it my daily practices. What is your purpose? 
I give this comment to my friend in my FB, kinda giving her advice: "some people say, i don't have focus in life, some ppl say, i am crazy, some people say, i did not think of future, some ppl say.. bla bla bla... i don't really care anymore what ppl say sis. i live my life as long as i know i am doing what is right and i live it to the fullest and did not waste it for regretting tha…

I've decided to be lesbian

Almost all of us have Facebook account and i have two accounts (there is a reason why i got two btw). The story begins when my friends start to post something weird in their status. I wonder why they post something like, I'm a stripper on the weekend and the other one Someone offered me a job as a prostitute but I'm hesitant. Of course, their status sounds more like jokes for me, even though i am not really sure what happen. So, i just give them a "like" and also some simple comments, "LOL". The next day, i received an inbox message from my friend.
Its a game and you have just become another target. Hehheh. You never should have commented or liked my status (or msged me regarding this) HAHAHA! You fell in a trap! The person likes or comments on my status should choose one of the following phrases and put it in their own fb status for atleast 24hrs. I dare you to do the same: 1. I hav been in 42 different relationship 2. I think i am in love with someone, wha…

#1 ~ Sexy Leg Workout

This will be my collections of postings about my mission to live more healthy by doing more exercise or workout for this year. My first workout is 15 minutes Sexy Leg Workout. I get this workout from my friend's Olivia Facebook post. She is also my Blogger buddy, find her at her Blog liv's stories. If you want to know her more, click the link and find out more about this amazing girl. 
Here is the workout:

The first time i tried this workout, i can't do it. The muscle on both of my thigh is very painful. If i force more, it feels like my muscle will ripped off (ha ha ha, what a bad thoughts!). But, when i did it for 2nd time, hmmmph... it is not that difficult actually. If you want to try it, reduce the frequency to half, 10 squats, 15 lunges, 20 calf raises, 25 second wall squat, 50 jumping jacks, 25 second wall squat, 20 sumo squats, 15 leg raises, 10 squats. Then, when you succeed with that one, then proceed to the full one like the above photo. 
It is very good to tri…

Being Single

Is there any problem for being a single woman when your age turn to 3 series? I think there is not a big problem even though at time i need accompany to do things together, or when i am sad or happy that i feel like sharing it with someone.

I will not share full story of mine for being single at this age but do you know there is a dating sites for Catholic singles? I was bump into this sites while searching for some Catholic faith readings about vocations. This site is call Catholic Match. If you want to know more about this site, just click the link and discover yourself. I join the site as a free user about a month already but i did not really make any effort to find or search for my other half. Why? Because most of the users are more than 8,000 miles away from me. I am not quite sure if it will works. Well, there is success stories shared in the blog of this site called CatholicMatch Institute. If you think you want to give it a try, just go for it. I am not really serious about us…

Seaweed as Food Supplement

Did you ever take any dry seaweed as your food supplement. It was so famous in Sabah and everywhere else in Malaysia. People are talking about the nutritions of this seaweed if you take it regularly. Some called it Pure Marine Collagen. I don't know much about this if it is true or not. I search for more information about this species because there is a farming project under Fisheries Department project for community development somewhere in Semporna. There is farmers of seaweed in Semporna, Sabah. These rural people improve their household income by involving in this project. That is a good news to hear.

Okay, back to this seaweed species. I am very lazy to write information about this seaweed because if you type correct keywords in Google Search, you will founds hundreds articles about it. Why? Because there are so many seaweed sellers/ or distributors out there. They wrote anything, everything about it especially the benefits of taking it in your daily diet. Here, let me give y…

I Received an Email from Contact Me Form

I never really take it seriously when people send me feedback using Contact Me Form in my blog. Why? Because usually i get all the crappy and spamming things. Then, it is not worth it for me to consider if the person that contact me is seriously meant what they want or just one of the stupid spammers. Somehow, this #6 person that contact me give me a little bit of attractions. Here i share what she wants:

Subject : Article Idea!

Good afternoon, 
I’m reaching out to you because of your work with your blog (I love the name!). My name is Kendra Thornton and I'm 40 and a mother of 3. Before being promoted to the full time position of mom, I was the former Orbitz Director of Communications where I was able to travel a great deal. I now live in Chicago with my family, where they are my number one priority in everyday life. 
I am currently working on a project where I am sharing my favorite things to do in one of my favorite places to travel, Las Vegas. I am looking to collaborate with other…

#01 - January Mission

I am On a Mission"Life Quotes Facebook Cover" It may sounds funny but i feel like wants to make just a little action which perhaps can make little impacts to my circle of family and friends in my Facebook account. I have 957 friends in my FB. Well, probably not even 30% aware of my action by changing my FB cover photos every morning. However, i am good with it because, i did not means to attract them but we never know, whose heart will be touched or in need of word of encouragement that very day right? 
Here is some of the FB cover photos that i use since 7th January 2014.

Life Quotes, Little Rose

New Year Resolutions ~ 2014

Do you have or make your lists yet? Well, of course you have made it since last day of December 2013. I have all goals in my mind but i did not yet jot down in books or journal or in my so called journal blog here yet. Why? Because i still have this habit "PROCRASTINATION". Which already so long time i wanted to get rid of this bad habit of mine. :(

Okay, let's share my 10 new year resolutions with you all.

Replace my Little Greenie with Red Riding Hood. Why? Because i need Red Riding Hood more than my Little Greenie now. This is because of my work place which have a very bad road condition. My Little Greenie sure suffer a lot if i bring him to my work place. Pity him so much. Living a healthy life. I must get rid of toxic in my body by doing more physical exercise. At least i must jogging three times a week and play sports once a week. This is all to sweat out toxic and it will help my brain to think straight. Ha Ha Ha. Marathon!!! I must try my very best to participate …


I think it is still not too late to wish my dear readers out there a...... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!.. This is a late wishes because i was thinking to make an entry with all my new year resolutions and so on. But somehow, i keep delayed it with all the excuses. Therefore today i decide to just put up this entry with my warm wishes for the new year to all of you. 
I have so many things in mind to achieved and to be done this year.  I will spend some time to write it down and share with you guys once i finish it. 
Just to let you know that i am excited for this year because i feel so positive there will be many great things will happen in my life. In my family, career, relationship, spirituality and so on. I will keep myself in a positive mind even though it will be very difficult to do so with all the stressful things which might happen at work and at home. 
With that i wish you all the great things in year 2014!!!..
Best Wishes, Little Rose