Being Myself

Did you ever question yourself, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE IN THIS LIFE? I did not think much about it anymore like i was in the past few years before. Why? Because i think there is no point for me to think too much about it anymore. I am in my early 3 series age already, so i know where i am heading now. 

God created me and i must have a purpose to be in this world. I discover one of my gift. To bring happiness and joy in others life. To see smiles in someone else face. But somehow, even though it sounds easy and simple, but yet very difficult to make it my daily practices. What is your purpose? 

I give this comment to my friend in my FB, kinda giving her advice:
"some people say, i don't have focus in life, some ppl say, i am crazy, some people say, i did not think of future, some ppl say.. bla bla bla... i don't really care anymore what ppl say sis. i live my life as long as i know i am doing what is right and i live it to the fullest and did not waste it for regretting that i had done nothing with my life.. he he he... not a wise advice for you but, sometime we need a change. follow your heart and God will show u the way."
That is me today. After some struggles along the way to mould me become who i am today. Don't stop being yourself. You can listen to people around you, especially your family and friends but don't forget some criticism from your so-called 'enemy' which you need to take it seriously too. They are our mirror, reflects of what we do.

Ok, last but not least, just be yourself. Don't be a pretender or hypocrites because it will take away your shining star that make you unique in your own way. The way that actually God created you in this world. To make this world a better place to live. Each and everyone of us have purpose to be here.

Little Rose


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