I Received an Email from Contact Me Form

I never really take it seriously when people send me feedback using Contact Me Form in my blog. Why? Because usually i get all the crappy and spamming things. Then, it is not worth it for me to consider if the person that contact me is seriously meant what they want or just one of the stupid spammers. Somehow, this #6 person that contact me give me a little bit of attractions. Here i share what she wants:

Subject : Article Idea!

Good afternoon, 
I’m reaching out to you because of your work with your blog (I love the name!). My name is Kendra Thornton and I'm 40 and a mother of 3. Before being promoted to the full time position of mom, I was the former Orbitz Director of Communications where I was able to travel a great deal. I now live in Chicago with my family, where they are my number one priority in everyday life. 
I am currently working on a project where I am sharing my favorite things to do in one of my favorite places to travel, Las Vegas. I am looking to collaborate with other bloggers to see where their favorite place to travel is and what they like to do there. I want to know what your favorite things are, and learn more about the culture of your favorite places to travel to. We would work together to discuss and create an article about each of our “favorite destinations”. I think this piece could be really fun and something that your readers would really enjoy! I would love to work on a collaborative piece with you and get to know you and the hidden gems of where you like to travel! Please let me know if you’re interested! 
I am excited to hear from you! 


If you received this type of email, what will you do? Actually i ignore it for about 11 days already because i am scared of spammers but then today i suddenly came across this email again when i check my email. I was thinking to search for this lady. What did i found?

1) Thornton Public Relations  - Reading this site, seems to be she is real. Perhaps she is. But it is not convincing enough. I search for more and i found other bloggers that experienced the same things as mine.

2) Crazy Messy Beautiful - The owner of this blog make Kendra as her guest blogger which give her tips on travelling with kids. Sounds like she is really doing this thing. I am satisfied so search for more bloggers.

3) Coming Home Blog - In this blog, the onwer also post almost the same post as the #2 blogger. It is about travelling tips. Ok! I got it now. And finally i found this one.

4) A Mom On the Go - Also post the same thing. So means that, Kendra is who she is that she told me in her email.

After that last search, i sent her an email. Looking forward for what article that we can work together on the favourite destinations.

P.s: It is worth it to find more information about who we are connected on the net, We never know that we will came across bad people. Somehow, Kendra sounds like nice lady!

Little Rose

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UPDATE 28.01.2014 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kendra replied to my email and we will work out on this article. 
Hey Rose, Thank you for the response, I'm so glad you're interested! Let me give you a rundown of how I envision this working. What I plan on doing is collaborating with a very select few bloggers, on a one-on-one basis, to create a joint post where we each discuss our favorite places to travel to. What each of us includes in our write-ups is completely up to us. Then, after we have both contributed, I'd like to share it on your blog and also from my twitter account, ideally driving more traffic to the post and to your site. Let me know what you think!
So, i got work to do. Create a good post about my favourite destinations for travel. *EXCITED*


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