New Year Resolutions ~ 2014

Do you have or make your lists yet? Well, of course you have made it since last day of December 2013. I have all goals in my mind but i did not yet jot down in books or journal or in my so called journal blog here yet. Why? Because i still have this habit "PROCRASTINATION". Which already so long time i wanted to get rid of this bad habit of mine. :(

Okay, let's share my 10 new year resolutions with you all.

  1. Replace my Little Greenie with Red Riding Hood. Why? Because i need Red Riding Hood more than my Little Greenie now. This is because of my work place which have a very bad road condition. My Little Greenie sure suffer a lot if i bring him to my work place. Pity him so much. 
  2. Living a healthy life. I must get rid of toxic in my body by doing more physical exercise. At least i must jogging three times a week and play sports once a week. This is all to sweat out toxic and it will help my brain to think straight. Ha Ha Ha. 
  3. Marathon!!! I must try my very best to participate in any marathon this year. At least once. I never participate or join any marathon yet. I am a runner but yet no marathon??!! What am i thinking?!
  4. Volunteering!!! I am coordinating community projects, of course i contribute something back to the community. However, i want to expand or broaden my horizon. I must try to get involve in any cause or organize one community project that not related to my employer. I already start with online volunteering but feels not enough. 
  5. Mission Team! I want to get involve in lay missionaries activities anywhere whether it is in Malaysia or in other country. I already get to know a person in charge in my church that organize mission activity in Malaysia and also in Philippines. If i can't join this year, at least i can join them next year. 
  6. Spiritual empowering. I must try to attend a prayer meeting activity in my church at least once a month. 
  7. Complete my study. Oh gosh! This is like a pain in my ass. I still did not finish my dissertation!!!.... This year is a MUST!!!!
  8. Positive Thinking! I always complaint and complaint and complaint and think negatively. I must keep my mind with all positive thoughts. I must live my life in full of happiness. 
  9. Vacation!!!! I must travel to foreign country once a year. This year must go to Fuzhou, China visiting my uncle's family!.. :)
  10. I wanna go out and date! I am free to meet a guy this year. So, i am ready to mingle. LOL!
As for now, i think this 10 is good enough for me. I am not good in writing goals or can i say, i don't have goal in life? Sigh. I am trying my very best to have focus now. FOCUS on my life.

Do you have yours? If you read this post till the end, please leave me a comment and leave link to your blog post so i can read your goals for 2014. I would love to read somebody else goals that may inspire me!!! I need inspiration. *wink*

Inspire me,
Little Rose


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