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Setting Goal for 2018 - Will i have one soon?

Year 2017 is coming to an end soon. Only less than two weeks we will celebrating a new year. I never really setting any life goals after make one new year resolutions way back in 2014 (New Year resolutions 2014). When i read this entry which i make four years ago, i am not sure to laugh or to cry... LOL. Some of it i already accomplish but some are yet to be true.. ha ha ha.. So why not making more specific goal for year 2018. I think i should, though i am not sure if i am serious or not this time... hmmm... 
Google is my bestie when i need an inspiration, so i try to find good advice online, on how to set a good life goals. Here is some of the article i found and maybe i should try to use the method they suggest. Honestly, i am very bad in following other people advice because i am a stubborn fella and always do things following my own head/heart. 
The Life Plan: How To Design A Happy Life For 2018 by Career Girl Daily
I love how this writer put it. Simple yet makes sense to someone …